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1 1 2 T Listening Section
In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show ...
Regret Congratulations Sympathy Expectation Hope listen2017soal1.mp3 2 A
2 1 2 T Number 2 Make themselves crazy Come late to school Call the teacher Hope and pray Miss the first lesson listen2017soal2.mp3 3 A
3 1 2 T Number 3 Something wrong A terrible cough A problem to sleep How to stop smoking The effect of smoking listen2017soal3.mp3 2 A
4 1 2 T Number 4 She has met her friend She has been on the news? She has been accepted at medical faculty She has become a doctor She deserves to study hard listen2017soal4.mp3 3 A
5 1 2 T PART II
Questions 5 to 7.
In this part of the test, you will hea ...
I'm sorry Sir I promise I don't care Sir, I don't like it I'm sorry Sir I will study better Yes Sir that's right She deserves to study hard listen2017soal5.mp3 3 A
6 1 2 T Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

you must go to the park for the tes today take rest and I'l call you teacher It's up to you and I don't care I will take the tests She deserves to study hard listen2017soal6.mp3 2 A